Culling the Collection

I remember buying my first RPG while I was on vacation in Ireland. I was in Dublin at Eason on O’Connell Street when I saw the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying Game 1st Edition.wfrp1

Up until that point, roleplaying games had meant choose-your-own-adventure books but I had advanced to the Lone Wolf gamebooks. And since that purchase at about the age of 15 and then starting to game with some people in high school, my collection started to build.

It probably didn’t help that my father was bibliophile. We had walls full of shelves. First my collection grew to fill a 6 ft. tall bookself in my bedroom. By the time I was 28 and living on my own, my RPG collection filled two 10 ft. long shelves.

The first culling of my collection came when I was 29 and getting ready to move in with my wife-to-be. It still hurts to think back on that culling. I think of the 1st edition of Aeon (aka Aeon Trinity after White Wolf had to change the name) you know, the spiral-bound book in the plastic cover. The preview edition of The Whispering Vault. Everway. There were a few gems in there. I got rid of a lot of books. I went from those long shelves to two 5 ft. bookcases. I tried to find a good home for them as well as make some money. I ended up selling most of it to Noble Knight Games. At first, it was for money but then I got the idea to go for store credit. It got me more AND I knew there was always going to be another book.

Since that time, I have gone through periodic cullings of the collections. Mostly brought on by the desire to get something new and feeling guilty about spending the money on it. Recently, the money has been going to support my Kickstarter habit (see previous post).

I have become more pragmatic about how I choose which books to sell. There are some games that I’ve just grown out of. There are some games that I know that I will never play after reading the mechanics. And if I have the PDF, then I’m much more likely to sell it.

If I were able to represent my digital RPG collection a la the Matrix, it would stagger me.

So why am I writing about this? Well, it is time to cull again. That Unknown Armies 3rd Edition Kickstarter isn’t going to pay for itself.