Games I Want To Run

Some time back I had made a short list of campaign ideas. I’m going to update that list. And by update I pretty much mean make a new list.

  • Delta Green: I still want to run this but it has fallen down the list a little just because I’ve played horror and I’m currently running a horror game, however surreal it may be. I’d run either the new Delta Green Roleplaying Game or The Fall of Delta Green. I’d also like to develop the WWII scenario that I had started as a one shot.
  • Dusk City Outlaws: I had backed the Kickstarter and gotten the digital rewards and promptly forgotten it until Rob Donoghue of Evil Hat and The Walking Mind blog started talking about it on Twitter. So I revisited it. I love The Lies of Locke Lamorra and Leverage and find Dusk City Outlaws much more accessible than Blades in the Dark. Plus there are enough scenarios available that I could easily run a campaign. I’ve been disenchanted with fantasy (no pun intended) and this might be a way to whet my appetite for the genre again.
  • Cypher System WWII Occult Game: I started working on character types for this. My idea is kinda of like B.P.R.D. but more along the Universal horror movies and less Cthulhu Mythos type stuff. I chose the Cypher System because it does a great job of making special characters and it’s easy to make NPCs. This is probably way on the back burner as I have a lot of development to do.
  • Sandbox Science Fiction Game: I haven’t run a science fiction game. This idea has a couple of options. First is a Stars Without Number game. I’d have the players decide what sort of game they want to play, part of the military or merchants. Group goals, etc. The second idea is much more ambitious. I’d like to use Microscope to make the setting and then use Fate Core for the characters and system.

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