Changing the Blog Name

It has been quite a while since I’ve done a post that didn’t involve promoting a Kickstarter. Before I go on to a more substantive post, I wanted to do some else.

I have not been very successful at blogging. By “successful” I mean actual posting things with regularity. Part of it has been that I haven’t really made time for writing. And part of that has been due to not feeling like what I was writing was actually worth posting.

So the one thing that occurred to me as I approach my 45th birthday is that I’m not going to be in my 40s forever and I know I mentioned this obvious fact when I first started the blog.

With my 40s quickly passing by and my lack of regular posts, I decided to change the blog name to something a little more honest: The Infrequent Gamer.

I think this both addresses the fact that I don’t get to game very often, although I definitely game more often than I did 3 years ago. And it also acknowledges that I don’t post very often.

So long live The Infrequent Gamer!!


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