TORG Eternity

This is the one that I’ve been waiting for so far this year. I have very fond memories of the original TORG, which is ironic since I only ever got to run it once, maybe twice. I bought almost every book that came out for it and thought it was an incredible.

We are now on the eve of the launch of the TORG Eternity Kickstarter which begins on May 31st at 1:00pm EST. The hype machine is already beginning on Twitter @NearNowNews with tweets like:



If you aren’t familiar with the original TORG, it is about an invasion of Earth, not by aliens, but by other realities. The High Lords of several realities join together to invade Earth to drain it of possibility energy. Earth has so much that no single High Lord would be able to invade on their own.

Each reality operates under their own laws. Magic exists in some but not others. Different technological concepts are possible. And when a one reality gains a beach head in another, the home reality is overrun by the invader. So, in the case of TORG, the United States is invaded by the Living Land (think Land of the Lost), so buildings buildings may be transformed into mountains or trees. Animals may become dinosaurs, and humans may be transformed into lizard people. And along with that, technology reverts to it’s Stone Age equivalent or stops working altogether.

TORG was an opportunity to play a multi-genre RPG. Players could create characters who could crossover into the other realities and carry their home reality with them. The PCs were Storm Knights who were able to use the possibility energy to change events and outcomes and who fought the High Lords.

I’m really looking forward to the return of this classic game. I’m interested to see how it has changed, both setting and in mechanics and Ulisses North America has been posting regular previews of what we can expect from the next edition.

So, even though I have a meeting at 1pm on the 31st of May, I’m hoping to hop onto the Kickstarter really quickly.


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