What I’m Backing on Kickstarter

It has been some time since I posted. Mostly because work has just been sapping the energy from me. But I wanted to pop on here really quick to talk about some Kickstarters that I’m currently backing that are close to their end date.

Cortex Prime: A Multi-Genre Modular Roleplaying Game is the first one on the list and is in its final 3 days. Cam Banks obtained the license for the Cortex System from his former employer, Margaret Weis Productions, and has created his own game company, Magic Vacuum Designs. He is now creating a tool kit RPG that encompasses all the iterations of the Cortex system, from the classic system used in the Supernatural RPG to Smallville to Marvel Heroic to the current Firefly RPG. The Kickstarter has already reached its funding goal and achieved several stretch goals that provide additional setting tool kits and mini-settings. Three of these have funded so far, providing a robust amount of additional material. You have several options for the rewards including just the PDF, a softcover, and a Kickstarter only hardcover. PLUS: Backing it give you access to the Cortex Prime System Reference Document.

Next up is Termination Shock from Greg Stolze of Unknown Armies and Delta Green fame. He has been developing a science fiction RPG and recorded several actual play sessions of his playtest. He is seeking funding to edit and release the actual play sessions. One of the higher level stretch goals includes a very rough draft of the rules for Termination Shock.

The final one that is currently in its last three days is The Blackwood, a fantasy setting for the Savage Worlds Roleplaying Game. It combines folk tales and wuxia. You can hear an in-depth interview with the author over on Role-Playing Public Radio, which is what sold me on backing it. It is really the folk tale aspect of the game that sold me on it.

So that is what I’m currently backing. Regulating myself is not going so well. And I know I’ll continue to be in trouble as the TORG Eternity Kickstarter from Ulisses North America starts on May 31st. I’m thinking that will be the big one for me this year…


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