Campaigns I Want To Run

While I think it will be a while before it is my turn to run again, there are several campaigns I’d like to do in no particular order.

  • Unknown Armies 3rd Edition: This is pretty high up on my list. I’m torn between two ideas. Considering the collaborative sandbox style of gaming that the new edition involves, its hard to say exactly what the games would be about. The first game, I want to be set in a rural town. Preacher is a big inspiration for the feel of this first idea. The second idea, and the one I’m really excited about at the moment, is for a game set in Walt Disney World. I got the idea from a segment on Ken & Robin Talk About Stuff about Disney and the Cthulhu Mythos. I think Unknown Armies would be a better fit. The idea of Disney Princesses competing to ascend; the underground tunnels spanning the park; and just the general weirdness of an occult conflict occurring in “The Happiest Place on Earth” appeals to me. I even did a little digging and found one tidbit: The Fountain of World Friendship contains water from many rivers and oceans across the globe. That just screams Unknown Armies to me.
  • Delta Green: I’ve already mentioned my WW2-era Delta Green one shot. My thought was to incorporate it into a larger campaign. The idea would be to have the players come across case files of previous operations that inform the current operation. They would play through the old operations as a sort of flashback. The only downside to this is that it takes away from the downward spiral of their main characters. So it may be good to do as a one time gimmick in a larger campaing. I think my overall Delta Green campaign would be episodic and made up of a lot of smaller scenarios.
  • Feng Shui 2nd Edition: I already have the title for this next campaign, which would be a sequel to my 1980s game: Vancouver Blitz. It would take place in the 1990s in the burgeoning B movie and TV industry of Vancouver. The PCs would investigate the criminal enterprise at the heart of the film industry.
  • Monster of the Week: Or really any PbtA game but Monster of the Week would be quicker and easier to get into and would be episodic as well. This is the one that I’ve thought about the least.

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